Saturday, September 18, 2010

Places & Aminals (3)

Well now, after a one week hiatus, I'm back in the saddle again and boring everyone to tears with my ventures into cliche land. So without further adieu, we begin at the late middle of Places & Aminals.

Continuing our journey through the local cemetery where my dad is currently residing at, this photo is the front version of the distance shot you saw in the post of two weeks ago. I wasn't able to get to the cemetery this past weekend for research purposes, but from what I remember last time, this memorial is dedicated to all the local men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the flags are from all branches of the service. The empty flag pole that you see wasn't empty, but I simply couldn't get any further back for the shot without disrespecting the other people who are interred there as well.

Back to the duck. However, this wasn't taken in my backyard, but in fact was taken at Mill Pond Park. The park has a very large contingent of ducks and Canadian geese and in fact are quite brazen when they're on the land. I should add that they have absolutely no fear of people, which is why I was able to get such extreme close ups with this and the remaining pictures.

Like I said, with an extremely large population of Canadian geese that call Mill Pond Park their home. How large? How does an entire baseball field plus the outfield and foul line to foul line obliterated by geese grab ya? Anyways, these geese have no fear of humans either, as you can see from this particular shot. The short path that you see heading into the bushes leads right into the pond, where there is a bench that you can sit and fish from. In between the adults is a small flock of baby geese, which you can see more clearly in the next shot. Oh and the main pathway we're on takes you around the perimeter of the pond and over the waterfalls.

Same spot, except I'm shooting this from the left hand side of the path. You can see about a dozen baby geese along with the three adults in the foreground and a slighter large flock in the back.

Like I said, absolutely no fear of humans. I was able to get within ten feet of them for this shot. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the one thing that plagues this park nine months out of the year: doo-doo.

Got within three feet for this shot. You can see the pool and the pond in the background.

Same thing with this one, got within three feet for this shot. I think this is the same flock from earlier. A few adults and a dozen or so babies. In the background is the local soccer field and where this shot was taken, is the staging area for the town's Extravaganza that was used as a background for one of my short stories.


  1. Talk about brazen! Send us some of that sunshine, won't you? :)

  2. Be more than happy to. Sends us a little bit of that rain in exchange. :D

  3. Did someone mention rain?? Geez I'm British I know all about rain!

    Nice shots. Glad you avoided the doo-doo. I'm sure there's a joke in this but I'm too knackered to think of it!

  4. Joe: Yeah, apparantely the Left Coast has innudated with rain this week, whereas over here has been sunshiny and breezy.

    I'm sure there's a joke in there as well and if you can come up with one, be my guest to leave it behind.

  5. The geese have taken over our riverside parks too and there's like 75 geese for every person and goose poop everywhere making walking tricky. No wonder there are so many geese - look at all the goslings! They are adorable though. Great pics, G!

  6. Talon: Its so freakin' unbelievable the amount of geese that normally occupy the park. Usually you can't walk more than five feet without having to do the "doo-doo" dance. About the only time that it wasn't a problem was during the town Extravaganza that was held there. Lots of people, no geese.

  7. I saw many many geese in flight during my weekend drive to south Georgia. I love that V shape they make. Maybe they are flying to you.

  8. It's funny but I haven't seen them fly over my neighborhood in years. Most of the time they fly in and around the pound and it seems like they seldom deviate from their flight path.

  9. Lovely geese picks!
    Of Course they're brazen, 'cause they know they can kick your butt if they wanna....
    Bring a large barking dog tho- n they will run!

    I'm amazed you got so close without food to throw without getting attacked-


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